The Benefits Of Electric Garage Doors Versus Manual

There are still a lot of people who have manual garage doors for a number of reasons. If you are one of these people, you might want to consider what the benefits are of an electric garage door when compared to a manual one. There are many advantages that you should be aware of and which could make you want an electric door.

The Safety

Safety is something that everyone has to consider, and electric garage doors are safer than the manual ones. When you have one of these doors, you will not have to leave your car to open the doors. This reduces the chances of threats, and you will be able to drive away should there be a dangerous situation.

Safety from other people is not the only type of safety that electric garage doors provide. If you suffer from certain conditions such as arthritis, it can be dangerous to open a manual garage door. An electrical one will reduce the chances of injury, particularly if you have a door that you need to pull up.

The Comfort

Comfort and ease are other benefits that you get with an electric garage door that you cannot get with a manual one. With the garage remote, you will be able to open the door from the comfort of your car. This is particularly important during the winter when you do not want to exit your warm car to open the garage doors.

It is also much easier to press a button to open your garage than having to fiddle with the openers of a manual door. Depending on the manual doors that you have, you could run into problems when it is dark or raining. In poor weather, you could also have issues getting the doors to open when you have to do this manually.


When people think about electric garage doors, they think of the ones that open with remote control. However, technology has moved on from this, and there are many electric garage doors that have much newer features. It is possible to get an electric garage door which opens through an app.

There are other features that you can also get, which will not be available with a manual door. This will include an alarm system which will tell you if the door has been left open. You can also get garage doors that automatically open and close when you approach them. These doors will often use sensors or have a device that you keep in your car to tell the door that you are coming and not a different vehicle.

There are many benefits to getting an electric garage door when compared to having a manual one. These benefits will include improved safety and security on offer as well as comfort. It can also be conveniently repaired by garage door repairer in Kellyville if needed. New technology is also available, which will make life more comfortable through the use of apps to open the doors, alarms to alert you to the door being open and automatic opening and closing.